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Russian Circle in Sutton with lectures on Russia's past and present, concerts of live music and Russian arts

Those who could not attend our latest meeting and Winter Party may enjoy this videoclip with 5 y.o. Misha who played for us on 19 December. Visit us on facebook for another video clip.
  • The aim of our Circle is to provide an opportunity for people interested in Russian history and culture to meet and pursue their interests and for those who study the Russian language to brush up their colloquial skills with native speakers. All meetings, however, are conducted in English.
  • Our beginning. Our Russian Circle was founded 34 years ago, in 1984.
  • Volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to organising the Circle's meetings, parties and outings run the Circle.
  • 12 meetings are attended by members of the Circle each year including an annual dinner and two concerts of Russian music in London at the Royal Festival Hall.
  • The programmes of the Circle's meetings are varied: talks on Russia's past and present, lectures on Russian arts, concerts of live music, winter and summer parties.
  • Russian lemon tea with some traditional Russian and English food is served at every meeting. Every member is expected to do catering once a year and his/her expenses are fully refunded.
  • The Circle's funds come from membership fees, currently the same as last year, at £35 per year. Guests are charged £8. An annual Treasurer's report is issued for the members in September.
  • Value for money - this is what our members get. For just under £3.89 per evening they enjoy a full programme of meetings, tea and food, a prize - if they are lucky - at our two free annual raffles and a chat with friends. No additional charges are made for those meetings at The Friends Meeting House.
  • The Circle's future, hopefully, will be as successful as its past and present. It exists for our members and relies on their support and initiative.
    Everyone is welcome to join us and to propose new ideas for our programmes!

Our Next Meeting

Friday 21 September 2018

Our programme for our 35th year will soon be available. Our first meeting for our 2018/2019 season will be on Friday 21 September 2018.

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