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Friday 17 May 2019
SHORT FILM: Wild Russia Song Of The Volga SHORT FILM: Wild Russia Song Of The Volga (2)

Emperor Nicholas I (1825 – 1855) LECTURE: Emperor Nicholas I (1825 – 1855) Autocrat & Gendarme Of Europe By Bob Dommett

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Sutton Russian Circle


Russian Circle in Sutton with lectures on Russia's past and present, concerts of live music and Russian arts

Joining the Sutton Russian Circle

For those of you searching for joining Societies, Clubs and Hobbies in Surrey you have come to the right place if you have an interest in or would like to learn more about the wonderful Russian history and culture. The Russian Circle’s new season of events commences on FRIDAY 21st SEPTEMBER 2018 at The Friends Meeting House, 10 Cedar Road, Sutton, at 6.50 for 7.00 pm. The Meeting House is 5 minutes walk from Sutton Railway Station, with free parking in front and to the right of the building. There is a bus stop nearby. All amenities are on the ground floor. There will be the opportunity to attend thirteen meetings (in English) between September 2017 and June 2018 in this, our 35th season. Thank you on behalf of the Circle to all whose who helped throughout the last year with donations to our general funds and with catering for our monthly meetings and our Winter and Summer Parties. Full 2018-2019 programme details for our 35th season can be found here including:-
  • The Siberian Traveller- seven years in mid 19th century Urals, Siberia and Kazakhstan
  • Live concert by Russian pianist Petr Limonov
  • Pavlovsk – the Imperial residence of beauty and courage
  • How we came to live in Siberia – a story of my family through the lens of the turbulent history of 20th century Russia
  • A Moscow-trained architect’s story
  • Is Russian classical ballet training still the best? And how different are today’s dancers to those in the 1970s and 1980s?
  • Emperor Nicholas I (1825 – 1855) Autocrat and Gendarme of Europe
  • Live concert of Russian classical music
  • Short talks on: Lev Yashin: Russian goalkeeper, Volgograd, Journey from Moscow to Yekaterinburg and Abramtsevo estate: 19th century artists’ colony near Moscow
  • Film: The Cranes are Flying
  • Short films on Ivan the Great (Ivan III) and Wild Russia:Song of the Volga (Part 2)
  • Russian Quiz
  • Russian Winter Party and Summer Party
  • 27th Candlelight Russian Dinner
  • 35th Anniversary Garden Party
  • Buterbrodi (sandwiches), cakes and Russian tea each evening



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