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Friday 21 Feb 2020
Evening In Commemoration Of Father Alexander Men Evening In Commemoration Of Father Alexander Men by David Brummell and Lucy Daniels. With reading poetry of Pushkin, Lermontov, Tyutchev, Blok, Tsvetayeva, Gumilyov, Mandelstam, Kluev, Akhmatova, Pasternak and Galich (in Russian and English).

Olympic Moscow 1980Short talk: Olympic Moscow 1980 By Leslie Dommett

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Sutton Russian Circle


Russian Circle in Sutton with lectures on Russia's past and present, concerts of live music and Russian arts

Suggesting Programmes for Sutton Russian Circle

Everyone is welcome to join us and to propose new ideas for our programmes. Please use our contact form and address your programme ideas to our President Natasha Dissanayake and/or our Chairman Bob Dommett.

The aim of our Circle is to provide an opportunity for people interested in the history and culture of Russia and countries of the former Soviet Union to meet and pursue their interests and for those who study the Russian language to brush up their colloquial skills with native speakers. All meetings, however, are conducted in English.

The programmes of the Circle's meetings are varied: talks on Russia's past and present, lectures on Russian arts, concerts of live music, winter and summer parties.



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